• Gemma Rowland

Cotswold Cottage Curtains (Now Say It Three Times Faster)

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Our client's new window dressing is up and looking fab-u-lous, with Jane Churchill fabrics and paint from Little Greene. In this post, we'll explore the project journey, as well as budget saving tips and expert advice on window dressing and lighting.

Chair & lighting from made.com

Wave headed curtains add a crisp, contemporary finish to any space. The teal of the fabric adds depth and interest to the corner of this room. With the addition of the Margot accent chair from made.com, this area has been transformed into a cosy reading nook, perfect for those rainy spring days.

The Jane Churchill fabric we chose for the client's main curtains, although beautifully intricate, had a high price tag. With new carpet and decorating costs to take into account, we opted for a less expensive, plain silk from Sanderson in a teal accent colour picked out from the main fabric. Small adjustments like this are a great way to cut costs, without compromising on the overall look. This saving allowed the client to focus her budget on lighting and finishing touches, which are equally as important when designing a scheme. Lighting in particular is a key aspect, which can make or break the design.

Jane Churchill fabric

The dining and living area is where the client spends most of her time, both with her family and when entertaining guests. With this in mind, we went all out with a dramatic decorative jacquard stripe, featuring burnished and metallic yarns and patterns that emulate hammered metals. The interesting weave effect gives a fantastically textural feel to this statement design.

Although the rooms are open plan, the client wanted the dining area to feel like a separate space to the living area, so we chose to highlight the teal shade in the fabric by painting the walls in 'Marine Blue' from Little Greene. This is a beautifully rich colour, which looks great at all times of the day or night.

Dining Room Curtains & Lighting

For the lighting, we chose a delicate, drop light pendant, with matching wall lights. The gold of the pendants contrasts beautifully with the darker walls. The backdrop of your lighting, whether that be paint, wallpaper or fabric, is a crucial consideration, when choosing light fixtures for your space. Therefore, we could always recommend choosing lighting towards the end of the project (when your overall design and colour scheme is beginning to take shape).

Entrance Hall Roman Blind

In the entrance hall, we opted for a Roman Blind, to make the space feel larger, leaving a clear floor space. The pattern of this decorative weave depicts hand painted inky multi-coloured lines that capture a subtle water colour effect. The shade of teal picks up on the colours from the lounge, drawing your eye through and connecting the two spaces.

Entrance Hall Render

This was a render we did for the client, prior to making final decisions on paint, wallpaper and fabrics. With the prices of some of the designer wallpapers and fabrics suggested, it would have been a very costly mistake if the client was unhappy with the finished result. With our help, you can see visuals, floor plans and samples of proposed products before purchasing, meaning there will be no surprises, blunders or regrets.

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