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Designing an AirBnB hotspot, doubling profit & boosting bookings by 35%

Lucy started renting out her west London flat when she returned to the UK, after a couple of years living in Australia.

“I travel a lot, so I decided to rent out my London flat on AirBnB whenever I'm away. But, transcontinental moves are tough, especially on our furniture, so when I came back, I decorated the flat with things I had left in storage when I moved to Australia. In terms of interior design, it left something to be desired.”


Living Area - Before

Dining Area - Before

The flat felt cold and empty, lacking character and in serious need of some homely touches. In Lucy's own words:

“I wanted to get more out of my AirBnB, while also having a space I could feel at home in, but I didn’t know where to start.”


Living Area - After

This flat was completed on a budget - the existing sofa and dining table has remained, but small additional touches, such as a new coffee table, dining benches and some bright accessories has made all the difference to this space.

Lucy's existing sofa transformed with colourful cushions

"I loved everything, including the platform we collaborated on - it was all just...fun!...I was able to navigate through my brand new living room, without lifting a finger. Big thumbs up for that."

The room has been transformed into a light, bright & homely space

Lucy's dining area with new benches
"The living room is the space that most surprised me, and that I am most proud of now. Gemma made us see our living room in a completely different light. It was perfectly functional, but it never had any type of wow factor. Now, it's a beautiful space!"

Lucy in her new living room

After a small investment from Lucy, she has now been able to double her prices on Airbnb and has had an increase of 35% in bookings!

"The biggest proof of that has been on AirBnB...not only where we able to increase the price per stay from £125 to £210, but we got a 35% increase in bookings."

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