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Family Loft Gets a Mid-Century Makeover

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Ithia moved into her loft style apartment with her partner before they had a family. As a result, the space had become cluttered and tired. She needed our expertise to maximise storage capacity and to source some contemporary pieces with a designer look, but without the designer price tag. Ithia chose to focus on her daughters' bedroom and her open plan lounge/kitchen. She wanted to transform the living area into a colourful, playful space with mid-century vibe.

BEFORE - Open Plan Living Room & Kitchen


Budget was tight, so the kitchen needed to be transformed with as little cost as possible. With a growing family, Ithia was considering selling in the near future. As a result, we opted for a fresh, contemporary, minimal design that would suit any taste. Utilising Ithia's existing dining chairs, we replaced two of them for an eclectic mix to add colour and interest. We chose olive green, mustard yellow and navy blue as accent colours, which would also flow through into the lounge.


The existing layout of the room was not working for the family. The corner sofa zoned off the lounge as a separate space, blocking the view of the area from the kitchen - not ideal with two young children running around. To solve this, we added a chaise sofa and designer armchair, which opened up the space, whilst still maintaining an adequate amount of seating for the family. We also added a play area underneath the stairs, enabling Ithia to see the children from all areas of the room.

DESIGN - Lounge

To create a mid-century vibe to the space, we chose furniture with clean lines and accessories with a retro colour palette, adorned with graphic shapes. The new shelving unit establishes a mixture of closed and open storage, allowing Ithia to display decorative objects, whilst still maintaining storage capacity. Brass elements add luxury to the scheme and the new chair from Ligne Roset gives the space a designer look. The furniture was sourced from a mixture of Made.com, Swoon Editions and Habitat - all affordable retailers that enable you to furnish your home with designer pieces, without the high price tag.

BEFORE - Olithia & Mireya's Bedroom

Ithia also hired us to design her daughters' bedroom. Her youngest daughter is 3 years old and just moving into a cot bed. She also has a new born, but only two bedrooms in the apartment. We needed to come up with a clever, temporary solution for the two daughters to co-habit, until Ithia was able to move into a larger property.

DESIGN CONCEPT - Olithia & Mireya's Bedroom

The concept was to keep the room a neutral space (for resale purposes) and add colour through furniture and accessories. This also meant that everything purchased was not a wasted investment, as it could be transported to the new property. Ithia wanted to create a contemporary space for her girls, using oak and pastel accents. We decided to paint the walls in 'Shallows' (a subtle grey from Little Greene), with accents of soft pink, yellow and mint green.

FLOOR PLAN - Olithia & Mireya's Bedroom

To make best use of the limited space, we installed built in storage at the far end of the room. This would allow the room to be kept the neat and organised (well, as much as it can be with two children under 5). The bespoke wardrobe is a mix of shelving for toys and hanging space for clothes. At the other end of the space, we placed Olithia's new cot bed and Mireya's cot, with a bedside table in between. The table (shown below) is a fab piece from Made.com with built in levels of storage, perfect for storing toys. We also created a small play area in the center of the room, with a play table, chairs and soft rug.

DESIGN - Olithia & Mireya's Bedroom

The table and chairs are a set from Cult Furniture - an adorable miniature replica of the designer Eames Eiffel chair. Cult Furniture have great prices and a fab selection of kids furniture and accessories. Most of this design was sourced from Cult, including the 'hello' door hook that we added to the back of the door for even more storage. Every bit of available space needs to be utilised when space is limited - you can never have too much storage in a kid's bedroom! The rug is from Made.com and has a great price tag at £199. The cot is a bespoke commissioned piece, built by a family friend.

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