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Floral Grown-Up Bedroom

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Stephanie wanted to transform her daughter's bedroom into a feminine space with a real 'wow' factor. The concept was to create a ‘grown up’ bedroom with a pastel colour palette and feminine prints. Her daughter Zara wasn't quite old enough to have a young adult's room, so the space still had to retain some child-like elements.


The existing bedroom was tired and cluttered. Zara needed space to play, study and sleep, so the layout of the space a key aspect to the design. We decided to place the furniture around the edge of the space, leaving an area to play in the middle of the room. This also left space for the trundle bed to pull out for Zara's sleepovers.


With very limited space, we found that this was the best layout to provide the storage needed, whilst zoning the room into areas for sleep, study and play. To create that 'wow' factor, we sourced a fabulous wall mural by designer Nathalie Lété. This was a piece that would stand the test of time, taking Zara through into her teens.

Jardin mural from Domestic (Designer: Nathalie Lété)


3D Render

In keeping with the floral theme, we also added a gorgeous round, floral rug by Missoni Home and blinds in 'Flower Garden' by Prestigious Textiles (shown below). The majority of the budget was focused on the feature wall, so we had to be a little creative when it came to the window dressing. With the property being a relatively new build, the windows were a standard size, so we were able to source high street voile curtains. Prestigious Fabrics are a great supplier, as their products are very reasonably priced, and they have some beautiful designs. The 'Flower Garden' fabric was a steal at £27 p/m and comes in a variety of different colour ways.

Luanda rug from Missoni Home & 'Flower Garden' fabric by Prestigious Textiles

AFTER - In Progress

Bedroom - In Progress

The bedroom is progressing nicely. The wall mural is up and the other walls have been refreshed with a coat of 'Clockface' by Little Greene. The voile curtains have been installed, along with new sculptural floral finials in keeping with the scheme. The tired carpet has been replaced with a luxuriously thick pile from Cormar Carpets 'Sensation Supreme' collection. Unfortunately, the chest of drawers sourced in the original design were out of stock, so Stephanie had to get creative. She decided to up-cycle an existing chest of drawers with paint from Annie Sloan, wallpaper samples to jazz up the drawers and new, Moroccan style handles.

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